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Dr. Folkart Schweizer

Founder and Chairman of Rette den Hai e. V.

Dr. Folkart Schweizer

Dr. Folkart Schweizer, born 1940, has been fascinated by marine worlds since he first began to undertake diving expeditions. After experiencing a bite from a tiger shark without suffering serious consequences, he began to learn more about sharks and quickly recognized that many species are endangered. Taking the decision to commit himself to the active protection of the animals, he founded the organization Rette den Hai e. V. for this purpose in 2008.

After studying economics, Schweizer gained his doctorate in economics in 1966 and joined the family firm of Louis Schweizer KG, becoming its CEO in 1969 and holding this position until 2000.

As a philanthropist, Schweizer has been actively involved in associations and clubs for many years and has co-founded numerous associations in his home town of Murrhardt. He was a member of the senior leadership team of the German and European Council of Tanners and the International Council of Tanners (ICT), first as its Vice-President and later as President.  

In 1999 Schweizer was presented with the German Federal Cross of Merit for his voluntary activities in clubs and associations, including voluntary work within associations and the creation of several hundred new jobs in his company.  

A passionate diver, golfer and marathon runner, Schweizer is married with three adult children. His leisure activities include not only diving, but also white-water rafting and skiing. Schweizer climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in 2003 and took part in a skiing expedition to the North Pole in 2007.

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