Fakten über Haie Shark facts 
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Facts about sharks


Threat of sharks

Finning (cutting of the finn), overfishing and bycatch threat many species of sharks. It is estimated that up to 150 million of sharks are killed by human beeings every year about 80 per cent of them for shark fin soup. More than 200 of the about 500 are threatened or in danger of destinction.


Threat for people

The majority of the 500 shark species are not dangerous for people at all. Deadly incidents with human beeings has been described in the last 500 years with just ten species. 


The possibility to die due to a lightning stroke is several times higher than to die to to a shark attack.


Why sharks are important for us?

Sharks play an important role in balancing the marine ecological system. They are also very important for the worldwide climate.